Popcorn Popper Chimney for Coffee Roasting

As noted before, I’ve been using a hot air popcorn popper to roast coffee. The tin can “chimney”I was using to keep the beans from flying out was a little short. For a while I had it extended with some metal foil tape, but the tape was not holding up well.

I had some extra sheet metal around and a Pop brand riveter from a yard sale so I tried to extend the can a bit.

I wound up with an extra drilled hole where one of the rivets didn’t take (a poor artist blames his tools, but really that rivet gun is lousy). It looks relatively durable.

It doesn’t add a lot of height to the can itself, but because the added diameter keeps the can from extending deep into the popper it effectively adds a good amount of height to the chimney. The week’s roasting was already complete when I made the thing, so operational testing will have to wait.