Homemade vs. Commercial Candi Syrup

I recently tried making some Belgian candi sugar according to the method described in Ryan Brews in preparation for brewing a strong, dark “quadrupel” type beer in the style of Westvleteren 12.  A commercial product from Candi Syrup Inc. (CSI) is purportedly very good, but I didn’t see any magic to to prevent making it at home: some amino acids from the yeast nutrient, lime as a base to prevent scorching, and the Maillard reactions should proceed.  Anyway I thought it would be a neat experiment.

In my first attempt at making the candi syrup I kept adding water as described in Ryan’s instructions, which in retrospect I think kept the sugar from darkening despite boiling for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  In the second attempt I let the syrup get much thicker and hotter, which resulted in a nice product.  To make it easier to handle, I added some water at the end of the boil.

The D-180 syrup from CSI arrived today so I did a quick comparison.  The CSI D-180 syrup bag (which has a nice screw top that got cut off in the photo) weighed a few tenths over 16 ounces by weight, so in view of the packaging and water content, it has less than a pound of sugar.

My syrup on the right is thinner with its added water while  the D-180 on the left is very thick.  After accounting for the thickness, I think the D-180 is still darker.  This bears out in tasting: both had definite dark fruit flavor reminiscent of figs and dates, but the D-180 had a pronounced roasted, almost burnt, flavor, that my homebrew syrup lacked.   I look forward to trying them both in the brew.

Goodbye iPhone

My iPhone 4 was feeling a bit long in the tooth and sluggish, and with a renewal credit available through my cell carrier I decided to upgrade.  With the lack of a jailbreak available on the iPhone 5 (which I view as mandatory for such things as ad blocking), among other reasons, I decided to go back to an Android phone.

Apple stymied me in two regards on my way out though:

  • iPhoto refused to transfer the last month’s worth of photos off the phone.  I used i-Funbox to transfer the photos over USB.
  • Trying to wipe the phone from the Setting menu merely resulted in a hour+ of the spinning wheel.  Wiping from iTunes wants to install the new iOS… sigh.

Not being able to use the hardware I’ve paid for kind of pisses me off.  Goodbye Apple.