Adding an airlock to a corny keg

I have a keg of homebrewed Dubbel style beer that is a little disappointing, so I thought I’d inoculate it with some souring bugs to funk it up.  But it was already in a keg and pretty well fermented out – why not leave it there?  It might build up a lot of pressure so some way to vent it is desirable, such as an airlock.

The first few Google results for fitting an airlock to a 5-gallon Cornelius style keg (“corny key”) looked excessively complicated.  I had some old tubing that I managed to stretch over one of the outlet ports by soaking it for a bit in really hot water.  The airlock plugged right in.

I’m using WYeast 3278 which has “Belgian style ale strain, a sherry strain, two Brettanomyces strains, a Lactobacillus culture, and a Pediococcus culture.”  Should be interesting.


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