Audio switch for airplane passenger

Mrs. Nerdly Endeavours likes to fly with me in the airplane, but she gets annoyed at the radio transmissions I have to listen to from air traffic control.  So I made an inline switch to block the incoming audio to her headset – she can still listen to her tunes and talk at me, but won’t hear ATC on the comm radios or (unfortunately) anything I try to tell her over the intercom.

It’s pretty simple inside – the rocker switch cuts out the signal from the tip of the phono plug to the tip connection on the jack.  I picked a switch that had a guard available to help reduce inadvertent actuation.  The headset plugs into the box and the box plugs into the airplane where the headset normally goes.

The microphone of the headset remains connected as normal, so the passenger can still talk to the pilot over the intercom.  This can be a problem because they can’t hear the communication radio so they might talk over an important transmission.

Despite the downsides, we are pleased with the switch box and take it on all our longer flights.

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