Foreflight and the new iPad

I was excited to try the Foreflight app with the latest iPad 3 having a “retina” display with 2048×1536 resolution, four times as many pixels as the old hardware. Version 4.4.2 of Foreflight was at least partially updated for the new iPad, but still wasn’t optimized as you can see in the below images.  The problem is, at some zoom levels of the charts,  the display uses chunky graphics instead of taking advantage of the full resolution.

Here is a cropped-in screen capture at one of the “good” zoom levels, with all the graphics nice and clear

Now here is a shot with the same chart zoomed out a little bit, where the display of the chart becomes blurry, jagged, fuzzy, etc. although the text above the chart remains very clear.

Most of the zoom levels are at in-between levels of clarity.  I can understand that it may be difficult to push around enough pixels to reach full retina resolution at all times, but maybe Foreflight can at least allow users to click between high-clarity zoom levels in order to take advantage of the new display.

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