Goodbye iPhone

My iPhone 4 was feeling a bit long in the tooth and sluggish, and with a renewal credit available through my cell carrier I decided to upgrade.  With the lack of a jailbreak available on the iPhone 5 (which I view as mandatory for such things as ad blocking), among other reasons, I decided to go back to an Android phone.

Apple stymied me in two regards on my way out though:

  • iPhoto refused to transfer the last month’s worth of photos off the phone.  I used i-Funbox to transfer the photos over USB.
  • Trying to wipe the phone from the Setting menu merely resulted in a hour+ of the spinning wheel.  Wiping from iTunes wants to install the new iOS… sigh.

Not being able to use the hardware I’ve paid for kind of pisses me off.  Goodbye Apple.


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3 Responses to Goodbye iPhone

  1. Jeff Bauer says:

    what kind of android phone did you get?

  2. Nerdly Admin says:

    I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S III and am happy with it so far.

    • Jeff Bauer says:

      if you rooted the Franco Kernel is pretty cool. it has its own app and gives me some serious battery savings especially when using wifi

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