New Brewing System

The lovely Mrs. Nerdly Endeavours treated me to an awesome birthday present of a new homebrewing system.  I wound up sourcing a Blichmann Top Tier stand, burners, and shelf from a local shop and the kettles, pump, fittings, etc. from an online source.  Here it is squeezed into a nook in our backyard.

I used my existing rectangular cooler as a mash tun, adding a 10 gallon kettle and burner for hot water and a 15 gallon kettle and burner for boiling the wort.  The pump is to move the wort into a fermentor and for recirculating chilling with a counterflow chiller (more on that later).

The Blichmann stand requires DIY plumbing of a propane gas manifold which was actually pretty easy.  I made the mistake of getting a five foot length of black iron pipe at first which was too long – four feet was perfect.  My two-burner system came with all the required plumbing parts apart from the long pipe itself.

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