Roasting Coffee

So Mrs. Nerdly called me saying she found a hot air popcorn popper at Community Forklift for $5 – should she buy it for roasting coffee?  Why not!

Years ago I’d used a Zach and Dani’s roaster (now Nesco) when I lived in an apartment – that roaster had a nice feature of an “afterburner” to reduce the inevitable smoke from roasting coffee.  But it crapped out as the belt driving the auger started slipping, and I junked it after stripping out some parts for my junk salvage box.

This new device is a Presto Poplite model 04820 (or as it says on the bottom of mine, 0482007) and fairly powerful at 1440 Watts.  I guess there was a glass top or something at one point for popcorn, but no matter that it was missing.

I started with some green coffee beans from the fantastic Sweet Maria’s: Espresso Monkey and another espresso blend, “Espresso Workshop #21 -The Satpura Fold.”

I did four batches, two of each blend, each using about a half cup of green beans.  I put an open-ended food can on the top of the roaster as a chimney

With about half a cup of beans, I lost a few beans blown out the top, but I like to think they were mostly sickly light dried-up beans.  It did a nice job blowing the chaff out.  Definitely something to be done outside!

The end results looked nice and I look forward to tasting them tomorrow.  I got about 11 ounces by weight of roasted coffee from the four small batches.

Incidentally, I would swear I got a caffeine buzz from being near the coffee as it roasted.

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  1. rama says:

    > Incidentally, I would swear I got a caffeine buzz from being near the coffee as it roasted.

    I kicked off a 3 page thread on this, with disappointingly inconclusive results:

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