Sorting out non-responsive home button on iPhone

This morning the home button on my two year old iPhone 4 stopped working.  I tried the rebooting and the software “recalibration” fix involving going to the “slide to power off screen,” but it didn’t do anything.

Some people reported that a bit of isopropyl alcohol on the button would do the trick so I put a drop or two of 91% isopropanol on the iPhone button and pressed it a bunch of times and it was fixed right away.  I wouldn’t mind an excuse to open the phone, again but there was need to replace hardware this time.

UPDATE: The fix was short-lived.  Blowing vigorously into the dock connector seems to help, possibly clearing dust out of the button.

UPDATE 2: Still kind of flaky.  I ordered a replacement button.

UPDATE 3: Replacement button installed and working, what a difference!

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