Thermometer Calibration

I received some parts for a new homebrewing system & thought I’d better calibrate the thermometers to ensure the desired mash conditions, where temperature is critical.

To start, I heated water to approximately mash temperature and put it in an insulated mug.  I used a reference mercury thermometer and a Thermapen™ for reference, plus the thermometer being calibrated.

It’s difficult to see in the photo, but the mercury thermometer and the digital thermometer agreed to within about +/- one °F.  The photo was taken after I adjusted the analog dial brewing thermometer (a Blichmann Brewmometer™), also to within about a degree.  Let the zymurgy begin!

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2 Responses to Thermometer Calibration

  1. J says:

    If you still do this, I recommend using ice water instead, consistent and much less of a hassle.

  2. Nerdly Admin says:

    The downside to calibrating at freezing temperature is that the error could be different there than at mash temperature. And be sure to use lots of ice in the water to ensure that it really is at freezing.

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