Updating old Windows XP laptop to SSD

I keep an old tank of an IBM laptop around running Windows XP in order to talk with some legacy hardware.  A spare SSD (solid-state drive) after upgrading a different computer and thought I would install it in the beast to try and eke out a bit more performance.

First I checked the performance of the existing hard drive, a 320 GB, 7200 RPM magnetic disc model.  It should be somewhat fast at 7200 RPM compared to the original 5400 RPM drive the computer came with.

I don’t really follow computer performance, so I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad, but at least it’s a point of comparison.

Moving the information over to the new drive was trickier than I’d expected.  The computer is an IBM (now Lenovo) ThinkPad and the drive has a hidden recovery partition tucked away on it.  Last time I did something like this, I used Clonezilla and it went smoothly, but this time the software complained about the new 80GB SSD being too small.  I shrunk the partition with GParted and tried again but it still complained, possibly because of the Lenovo recovery partition named SERVICEV0001.  I wound up backing up the old hard drive with the Lenovo recovery software and then restoring the backup to the new SSD.

Running the HD benchmark showed a nice improvement.

The old drive was oddly superior in Burst Rate, perhaps because of a built-in cache.  Anyway the computer feels a bit faster.

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