Another BeerBug trial

I forgot to deploy the BeerBug in my last batch until the primary fermentation was a couple of days in.  After making sure it was level and relatively well behaved (see the last post on this) I was eager to try the BeerBug but as it isn’t part of my routine now it didn’t occur to me until after fermentation was well underway.

Anyway here’s the data I collected, starting around 1.025 gravity and quickly going to terminal gravity:

summer porter beerbug

If you click to see the chart in full size you can see that the oscillations are not on the same pattern as the temperature fluctuations (which are from normal diurnal heating and the air conditioner cycling on).  Strange stuff.  There isn’t much if any drift, just oscillations of about 0.006 gravity points in amplitude.  Measuring with a conventional hydrometer found the terminal gravity at 1.011.

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