Excommunication is a harsh sentence. Can you stand up to the Pope’s attack fleets?

As a youth I saw this advertisement in an old Dragon magazine and while I forgot the name of the game, the picture of it stuck in my mind for decades, particularly the clever tagline: Excommunication is a harsh sentence.  Can you stand up to the Pope’s attack fleets?

Recently I ran into some scans of the magazine and I poked around to find the ad and did some more searching on the name of the game.  Unfortunately, it looks like the game, “Imperial Earth,” was never produced.

GameScience dice

In a fit of nostalgia I picked up these GameScience dice, which are made in the USA and feature a “razor edge” unlike other die, supposedly providing more uniform results.


GameScience is upfront about the sprue marks left behind, but they look pretty bad on the left and center dice here.  Also, the die on the right has a pretty big smudge with a fingerprint in it – disappointing.