Another BeerBug trial

I forgot to deploy the BeerBug in my last batch until the primary fermentation was a couple of days in.  After making sure it was level and relatively well behaved (see the last post on this) I was eager to try the BeerBug but as it isn’t part of my routine now it didn’t occur to me until after fermentation was well underway. Anyway here’s the data I collected, starting … Continue reading

Additional BeerBug Testing and Review: More Stable, Less Drift

Since my last review of the BeerBug hydrometer I’ve had a chance to do some more testing.  At first the data was pretty poor.  I sent those results to the BeerBug folks who thought it might be because the device wasn’t level.  It seems pretty sensitive to this, as it couldn’t have been more than few degrees off. I got a stick-on bubble level like this one, re-tared, and left … Continue reading

Another BeerBug, Another Review

The BeerBug folks were kind enough to send me a replacement BeerBug (with a green LED instead of blue) in view of the problems I had with my early model. I happened to have a beer fermenting so I tried it right away, but had some issues likely related to the line holding the torpedo weight being too long so that the weight partially rested on the fermentor.  And the … Continue reading

Copying a TiVo drive

About a two and half years ago I put a 2 TB hard drive in our TiVo Premiere (link goes to the recent equivalent of our model TCD746320 Premiere).  Lately it started to show symptoms of hard drive failure: random skips and unplayable portions in recordings, which isn’t especially surprising considering it is running almost all of the time. I decided to replace it with a WD20EURS drive of the … Continue reading

Repairing LED bike light

Mrs. Nerdly Endeavours had a LED bicycle tail lamp that had stopped working, even with fresh batteries.   It looked very simple so I opened it up to check it out. The LEDs are mounted on a circuit board that had contacts on the back for the on/off button and the spring clips to provide power from the batteries. I didn’t take a “before” picture, but the contacts for the battery … Continue reading

BeerBug Review

UPDATE: a newer BeerBug unit seems to have resolved these problems – see Another BeerBug, Another Review. SECOND UPDATE:  Further test results reported here THIRD UPDATE: the currently most recent fermentation trial here.  For all my BeerBug stuff, check my posts tagged BeerBug To follow up my first impressions, here are my experiences after using the BeerBug hydrometer to measure the gravity of a batch of beer as it brewed.  … Continue reading

Krausening Sour Beer

I just took my Flanders Brown beer out of primary after 27 days. It fermented with the Wyeast 3763 Roselare blend which has a mix of yeast and bacteria to make a nice sour beer, though it requires aging for good results. I mashed on the warm side to produce relatively more food for the Brettanomyces yeast and Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacteria as compared to the brewing yeast.  As a … Continue reading

BeerBug Wireless Brewing Hydrometer: First Impressions Review

Today I received my BeerBug Digital Hydrometer as an early backer of their Kickstarter.  I had some minor issues with the setup, but they were quickly resolved by email from one of the project’s principals.  The device is pretty elegant, with a weighted Teflon “torpedo” suspended in the fluid, connected to a head unit by monofilament line.  The head unit has a strain gauge (correlating the weight of the torpedo … Continue reading

A transatlantic IPA

To try the BeerXML Shortcode plugin here is my “Dank Knight” recipe for a dark amber IPA with Columbus hops and English yeast (the odd mix of base grains is what I had on hand). As advertised, the yeast isn’t very attenuative, which isn’t something I’d planned on.  We’ll see how it tastes – it’s on the dry hops now.